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Cafe, Street, People, Dance.     Landscape, Seascape, Flowers, Gardens.

 Mounted Watercolours & pastels


Past paintings 1.  Past paintings 2.   Past paintings 3.    Past paintings 4.   Past paintings 5.   Past paintings 6.Past paintings 7.   Past paintings 8  Past paintings 9 - 2018 - 19. 

 Past paintings 10 - 2019   Past paintings 11 - 2019 / 20.  Past paintings 12 - 2020.  Past paintings 13 - 2020 / 21.  Past paintings 14 - Winter / Spring U.K. - Summer, France 20/2021

Past paintings 15. Spring / summer,  2022


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Peter Wood B.A. HONS., A.T.C.

U.K. Telephone 01652 618936 e-mail: contact here
For lessons, tuition, workshops and demonstrations please contact the artist. ( 2 Hr demo 95.00, Day workshop 10.00 am - 3.00 pm 150.00 plus fuel over 30 miles )

Rose Cottage, 11 Main Str., Bonby, N. Lincs. DN20 OPL - U.K.



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All of the Artwork and Paintings on this site are Originals. Toutes les creations et peintures sur ce site sont des originaux.


My recommended boxed sets of full Unison Colour Pastels

Travel and basic set of 18 - RRP 85.73 Jacksons 69.00 - Me 65.00

 Full box set of 72 – All subjects. World box RRP 299.21 – Jacksons 241.00 – Me 230.00

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MY  ART TEACHING BOOK - Brush strokes, Mediums, Methods & Subjects

Review of Peter Wood’s “Mediums, Methods, and Subjects”

I am a beginning artist and this review is intended to convey my impression of Peter’s source material in this book.

First off when you start out as a beginning artist as I am you do not know what you do not know….as you go along you begin to understand how mystical painting, drawing, original art and the whole creative process really is. 

Peter’s material is a godsend to beginning artists who can be become quite overwhelmed with where and how to begin the process of developing as an artist.  The material outlined in this book demystifies and explains every nuance one needs to know about paints, and materials.  This is crucial for beginning artists so they begin their development in the right direction. Peter explains the different brushes that can used and typical applications for each which is great information for beginners and to be used as future reference material. I especially enjoyed the sections where Pastels, Watercolor, Acrylic, and Oil mediums were discussed. Something that has always been a bit of a mystery for me is color theory, here Peter presents a very straight forward breakdown of this subject that even I could understand!

There is art history, techniques, more expansive information about painting/drawing materials, and methods for achieving a particular style of painting such as still life, landscape, waterscape, etc.  In essence almost, any subject matter is discussed as to how to achieve that type of painting.

Tremendous value for what the cost was for this book.  I found myself reading and re-reading material that really intrigued me each time gaining more clarity on the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and is a permanent fixture in my reference art library. 

Scott Dyer - Canada


Peter, hello!!

The artwork arrived to us yesterday afternoon, and I unpacked it and gave it to Matt last night as a 40th birthday gift. He absolutely LOVED it.  And I absolutely love it. Reminded him of Brighton and made him miss it very much.  it was really cool being able to show him the video you sent me as well so he could see how something like that gets made.

It is just so, so much better than I even imagined.  The texture and the colours are amazing.  I mean, I was a bit nervous buying something from the internet, it can be a little bit risky after all.  It really is very impressive.  You are very talented.

Also, thank you so much for your careful packaging as well. There was a note from Australian Customs saying they did indeed open it, but obviously it wasn't an issue, as it has still arrived to us all wonderfully packed and in one piece.

So, all in all, very very happy.  Thank you so very much for all your help! :)


Thank you Peter for a fabulous day and for the lovely photographs.
Hope very much to see and work with you again- thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.
         Thanks again, best wishes, Lynn



Mixed medium

I have over 770 films on Youtube on many subjects, mostly art teaching. These are all free to view - click here to visit my channel?

Hi you have the best painting channel on the net. Thanks so much for your videos, I love them. Greetings from Denmark. Mariann.

Most impressive. You have great brush skills. janetkatz1 - This vid was just what I was looking for- easy to follow, detailed, and complete. Thanks a lot for posting !! PisciculusPL

Hello Peter,

I really enjoyed watching your painting demonstration videos and I want to compliment you for all the beautiful work on each of them.

I would like to add one drawing video to my "Draw Techniques" and four painting demonstration videos at my "Basic Painting Tips" sites and wanted to know if it would be alright with you.

Best regards, Teresa


Hi Peter,

Many thanks for sending the DVDs so swiftly. I have enjoyed watching them and know that they will be of great assistance to me in the future. All the best. Evely. 


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  Hazel Marshal in Trinidad - 24/01/2022 - Hi Peter... just wanted to let you know that I finally received your painting and it's absolutely beautiful!!!! It is an honor to own one of your paintings. What a master piece!!!!! 👏👏👏

Many thanks