Two Poems used in works here, Sea Sounds & Dream of Ocean Deep - by Peter Wood.

Sea sounds.

Swirling, swaying, swishing, surrounding, soft soothing sea. Sombre cerulean scenes. Sad seals seeking succulent squirming soles. Shoals swiftly stealing, startled shadows sucking, smacking . Starfish slowly soothe silver sands. Shad swimming stealthily strike sprats, spreading shimmering shining shards. Sunlight shafts speckle, simulating space, surrounding soul's sorry state. Stately surf surges strongly, swiftly sieves small stones.Succinct slabs, sober, sombre, sgraffito surfaces. Snails slime, slowly slip. Salmon swiftly surface, smashing spangled, sunlit silence. Silly seagulls screech, sliding, slipping, sheer snowy stalwarts. Silken cellophane sounds. Shackled seaweeds sway, saw, shake.Scabby shellfish steadily search, scale stark slanting seams. Swordfish scythe, searching swarming smelt.Stingray, shabby, sacklike, seek shade, skulking, slushy slackwater swamp. Sliding sides, Skate slyly scour, slap, skid, skew, sybaritic snares. Stygian shapes scan sylvan space, sovereignty, slaves sorrow. Seafarer, suspicious, searching, spies situation slowly sculling skiff. Smugglers skeletal sheet, symbol stating sacrificial sabotage. Shy shrimps scamper, sylphen seahorse sleeps, swollen sturgeon snaps swift squid. Synthetic string slowly, strongly snags, snakes sinews, sickly shake, Shark's supper.


Dream of Ocean Deep.

Sun warmed hollow in the dunes,sea sounds soft melancholy tunes. Lying here alone and free,golden sleep drifts over me. Within its' comfort gentle dreams,soft sand between my toes. My spirits taken by the hand,with you I walk and stand. At waters edge a moments pause,my trust in you a greater cause. Cool surf that feels as soft as air,through murk to crystal waters clear. With him transformed, as one, we are, no earthly body do we need. United, sharing past and present, completely freed,Soul and creator, living and ephemeral past, all is one. Mermaids, seamen lost in raging storms,children laugh and hug them in their arms. We see fish they can't see us, senses only feeling fun. Swirling, twisting silvery shoal,playing like a new spring foal. To dark cold depths we are painfully drawn,twilight desert, death and scorn. Bitter taste of others waste,death takes breath from life around. Where once seas meadows music sound,now unnatural ugly scars abound. Away from human sight and out of mind,deformed and suffering nature warns our fate. Will we heed or is it now too late. The eye stops still, a single coral flower bright,life survives its fragile hold, purity, life and light.

Sea Sounds


Dream of Ocean Deep