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The following works are available:

My new Art Book

Brush stokes, Mediums, Methods & Subject

  • "Eagles Dawn", Novel.
  • "The Spaghetti King", A children's Adventure Book in five parts. Illustrated
  • "Ten Children's Short Stories." Illustrated, (Samples Below).
  • Three compendiums of poetry, Thirty poems in each.
  • "Romantic Songs", "Spirit &Soul", "Dreams on Sea & Land."


My new & Complete fully illustrated Art Book - 148 pages. E BOOK supplied on DVD in M.S. Word and P.D.F. format. ( please choose which when ordering ) Not available in print due to the amount of colour illustrations! Comes with covers, as JPGs, in case you do wish to print any pages, or the book. ONLY £20.00 Plus p.p.

Brush stokes, Mediums, Methods & Subject


  1. Brush strokes. Mediums, methods and subjects.
  2. How? With what medium?
  3. With what tools?
  4. Why?
  5. How?
  6. Colour
  7. Tone
  8. Texture
  9. Perspective  - 47 pages
  10. How?
  11. Methods used in watercolour  - 15 pages
  12. Methods used in Acrylics – 13 pages
  13. Mixed medium, Computer aided art, Film making - 22 pages
  14. Methods used in Soft Pastels – 13 pages
  15. Methods in Oils  – 17 pages
  16. Projects. - 21 pages.   = 148 pages total

Why write another art book when there are already so many good ones? I asked myself that question many times and it is one of the main reasons I have not, until now. So why now? Well, perhaps, one reason is the success of sharing a lot of my work in my films on the internet and the pleasant reactions and comments that I have been pleased to receive from all over the world. Many of them not only supportive but enlightening as well as encouraging. One such comment, mentioned more than once, was about my ability to cover many different ways of working, methods, materials, styles and ethos. In past days I have had this criticised by galleries who wished to see artists concentrating on only one subject and style etc. I feel my own personal slightly “Impressionist” style still remains in whatever work I do, but do not discount any way of using the best method, medium and material for the subject, mixing them whenever I need and exploring new ways to best explain myself. In this book I shall not say “this is the only way, the best way, the correct way,” and especially not attempt to turn you into another me. I shall use mainly examples of my own work and illustrations and you will understand that there will be other artists who may well take many of those “methods” e.g. “photo realism” far further than my examples? I shall attempt to give you most of the basics, many interesting tips, many ways to work and hopefully a lot of creative stimulation and ideas you will love to try. Including step by steps, worksheets and a supporting video. I hope that it will be my personal approach and individual ideas that will make this book different for you and worthwhile.


The cover for my novel - Eagles Dawn

A Novel on different aesthetic levels. Set in Scotland about inter relationships, romance, animal behaviour, and spiritual possibilities - to provoke thought and entertain.


Illustrations from 'Ten Children's Short Stories'

Adventure Books

Designs for C.C.A. Greeting Cards of U.K. Mixed Medium

Designs for Card Company - 2006 - 2007 - Acrylics 

Cards presently available - Small at 1.50 - Large at €2.50 ( plus P.P ) - envelopes and protective sleeves provided




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