Commissions & Terms of Business

Commissions in oils, pastels, watercolours, ceramics and sculpture will be undertaken on a professional basis and under contract in order to protect both the artist and the client. A copy of the contract will be sent by post or e.mail upon request. 
Separate contract agreements are available for demonstrations, art courses by e.mail, talks and lessons, and work purchased from "examples of work." A price list about any of the specific items offered will be sent with your request and details for the relevant contracts. Cards are £1.20 each for small, £2.50 each for A5. A4 prints are £8.00. High quality card double mounts, individually colour chosen for these, are £4.00 extra. All plus p&p.

Art and Craft Prices
My work is competitively priced and you may be pleasantly surprised. Pottery ranges from £5.00 to £80.00, Paintings from a loose Watercolour at £12.00 to a large fully framed Oil Painting at £800.00. Do contact me for more details of any work you have seen, or seek.
A list of galleries where my work may be viewed is available, or you may visit me.


e-mail: contact here