Students' Gallery

As usual they are producing work so quickly and enthusiastically I am having to open page two!



Dog, Rita Shaw - Acrylics. Street scene, Carol Nevard - Watercolour. Wave, Rita Shaw - Texture & Acrylic.

Dog, Jane Brooks - Acrylics. Waterfall, Jean Collins - Acrylics. Landscape, Frances Boddy - Acrylics

Winter sheep, Linda Moran - Oils. Pembrokeshire, Carol Nevard - Texture & acrylics

Theddlethorpe Beach, Len Sharratt - Acrylics. Dales, Oils - Bernard Wrightson.

Burnsall Bridge, Acrylics - Cath Hitchen. Cliffs, Acrylics - Carol Nevard

Dog, Jayne Brooks - Acrylics. Boats, Acrylics - Carol Nevard

Frances Boddy, Sunset - Pastel . Venice, Jean Collins - Acrylics.

Jacqueline Cowell, Oils - Italy. River, Pastel - Carol Nevard

Sheep, Carol Nevard - Acrylics

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