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Twilight moment - 155 cm x 183 cm - Oils and Acrylics + 3 D and gold leaf.

Grey purple dawn that cradles waves sigh,Sea bird deep blue against pink sugar sky.Sandpipers flutter and ghost my steps thoughts,Somewhere ahead their cry, plaintive, breeze caught.Invisible boundary they delicately tread,Receding tide's remnants they pierce and thread.Bottle green waves with cream lace edged curls,constant in rhythm, you dance like young girls.inking and swirling, twirling and spinning,Receding and marching, mood constantly changing.Ripples of sand like remaining applause,Remember your heartbeat, your cold bloods cause.Wet surface, like plastic, smooth reflections of sky,They pass with your moods and soon become dry.Pock marked with freckles of worm casts and weed,Small stones and bright shells that your fingers have freed.Magical moment twixt twilight and dawn,The first rays of sunlight, gold blades of swords drawn.Prawn trails of mares tails as the red rising foe,Brashly gate crashes this mystical flow


















Depths of Past - 144 cm x 162 cm - Oils and Acrylics + 3 D and gold leaf. Plus linked sculpture - Plaster/wire and mixed medium.

The painting

The past lives on, it can't be lost,
It follows, shadows, like a hunting wolf.
It lurks within the depths of dreams,
It haunts and taunts heart's memories.
Life re-lived in sleeps' imprisoned thoughts,
A twisted film re-made in sadist's hands.
So real, yet cruel, these masochistic flights returning to past times,
Awake, in this new life, dragged back aware of hurt and deep
injustice bourn.
All seems polluted, addled, tainted by disdain, the echoes still remain.
Morning light removes the jagged edge that rips thoughts like a rusty chain so
rudely from the brain, replaced by webs of twisted aching pain.
With soft and female touch the new days promise warms both flesh and soul.

The Sculpture

White space, her Lily skin a barren void,
Where dreams emotion may succeed.
The first marks fear, a striking colour,
Fleeting touch, extension of the artist's soul.
Subtle drumming on the brush loved surface,
Dry her skin as cream gives life from need.
Sensuous stroke, it makes a lovers touch,
A second bond as harmony binds us whole.
His passion grows, impatiently his skilled hand
Deftly tickles her with sable tip.
She is his child, she grows to be his lover,
From start to end, still a part of him.
He struggles with her growth, he loves her as his own,
Frustration, tenderness, anger, care, despair, he tightens up his grip.
At last in metamorphic beauty, maturity is reached,
He is her soul, intimate mirror of his depths, purity or sin of egotist?



Dream of Ocean Deep - 150 cm x 180 cm - Oils + 3 D and gold leaf.


Dream of Ocean Deep.

Sun warmed hollow in the dunes,sea sounds soft melancholy tunes.Lying here alone and free,golden sleep drifts over me.Within its' comfort gentle dreams,soft sand between my toes.My spirits taken by the hand,with you I walk and stand.At waters edge a moments pause,my trust in you a greater cause.Cool surf that feels as soft as air,through murk to crystal waters clear.With him transformed, as one, we are, no earthly body do we need.United, sharing past and present, completely freed,Soul and creator, living and ephemeral past, all is one.Mermaids, seamen lost in raging storms,children laugh and hug them in their arms.We see fish they can't see us, senses only feeling fun.Swirling, twisting silvery shoal,playing like a new spring foal.To dark cold depths we are painfully drawn,twilight desert, death and scorn.Bitter taste of others waste,death takes breath from life around.Where once seas meadows music sound,now unnatural ugly scars abound.Away from human sight and out of mind,deformed and suffering nature warns our fate.Will we heed or is it now too late. The eye stops still, a single coral flower bright,life survives its fragile hold, purity, life and light. 















Neons - Oils/Gold leaf - 80 x 75 cm -

Estuary - Oils - 100cm x 80cm.




Portrait - Oils - 14" x 10"

Aveyron 1 - Oils - 100cm x 100 cm -



Ocean Depths - Fantasy - Ols and relief - 80 cm x 100 cm

November evening pastel. 24" x 15"


Gorge du Lot - Estaing - Pastel & Water. 28" x 32"

Illustrations for "The Flying Cows of Estaing"

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